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Yannick Fenner

Download a file

Post by Yannick Fenner » 27 Apr 2007, 14:12

 Posted by:  Yannick Fenner 

When using the PutDynData function to send a file to the client, the file is
called "cwisapi41.dll" by default.

How can you change the default name of the downloaded file ?? Is it possible
?? I need to rename the default file name(mytest.txt...hello.xml... etc...)
before sending it to the user...

Andy idea is welcomed.


Suren Behari

Download a file

Post by Suren Behari » 16 May 2007, 00:39

 Posted by:  Suren Behari 

Hi Yannick,

How about:
Download that other page



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