problems with webstate vars

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Lairton N de Almeida Jr.

problems with webstate vars

Post by Lairton N de Almeida Jr. » 26 Apr 2007, 03:24

 Posted by:  Lairton N de Almeida Jr 

Hi !

Does anyone knows about the problem of webstate vars lose all the stored

This happens sometimes with my applications.

I appreciate any help.


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problems with webstate vars

Post by czavala » 26 Apr 2007, 19:58

 Posted by:  Conrado ZAVALA 

Hello Lairton,

Make sure to be using InitializeContext( ), SuspendContext( ) and
ResumeContext( ) correctly.

You should use InitializeContext( ) to set the values of any state
variables; you should use ResumeContext( ) to refresh objects (you could
also initialize your objects with your state variables content) and finally
use SuspendContext( ) to preserve (set) the state (current user value) of
your state variables or other object like table windows.

I hope that this contribute to the solution of your problem.



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