InternetCheckConnectionA sometimes runs, sometimes no.

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InternetCheckConnectionA sometimes runs, sometimes no.

Post by G G » 13 Mar 2007, 16:45

 Posted by:  G G 

Hi to all.
Before connecting and reading from the Internet with InternetOpen and
InternetConnect, I want to test if the connection exists with
InternetCheckConnectionA (sUrl, 0, 0) because the test is running silently
and I want no connection windows to appear.
If I use InternetOpen and there is no connection, it tries to open one.
Well, after some test where the function ran well, now it sometimes runs
fine (I get consistent messages if the connection is active or not),
sometimes it returns FALSE, even if the connection is on and on two
different machines. Connection is ADSL flat and if I bypass this test, all
other functions run well. I reset the PC, i restarted the connection.
I am trying to understand, but ...
Can anybody suggest me something?
Thank you



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