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reg: xmllib.apl

Post by Teja » 09 Mar 2007, 10:31

 Posted by:  Teja 

I need xmllib.apl. can anyone have this apl or give the address where can
i download this apl file. I am using CTD 2.1

Thanks for any comment.

Jeff Luther
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reg: xmllib.apl

Post by Jeff Luther » 09 Mar 2007, 16:20

 Posted by:  Jeff Luther 

XMLLIB didn't come out as part of TD until v4, so your v2.1 won't be able to use
it. I do have an XML sample on my info: page, link below. You don't say what
you want to do, but that sample for v2.1 should get you started.

Best Regards,
Jeff @ PC Design

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