web services execution problem

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Süreyya Nakay

web services execution problem

Post by Süreyya Nakay » 28 Feb 2007, 10:32

 Posted by:  sureyya nakay 

Hi NG,

I'm using Lubos Vnuk's sample program comwsdemo with ctd 1.5.0 as a base for
my web services connection and tried to adapt it to my application try to
connect to web service using SOAP. Anybody familiar with this demo, I go
thru all the steps but when I branch from
oBody.PropGetfirstChild(i-oElement) to ExecuteOp() and then I branch to
Class Object Function:PopObject and Call PopObject(-1,returnValue) at that
point program stops. Since I can't debug the web services I don't know what
is happening. I'm very new with web services, can anybody tell me what I
might be doing wrong. I can supply the code and the web services detail.
Thanks in advance


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