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Dave Seay


Post by Dave Seay » 04 Mar 2004, 14:55

 Posted by:  Dave Seay 

In an effort to replace and old LiveWire program we have running on our
corporate server, I need access to the login id (not password) used to gain
access to a secure page. In looking at the old JS code, I noted that they
var sLogin = request.auth_user

Any idea on how I can do this with Web Developer?


Dave Seay


Post by Dave Seay » 04 Mar 2004, 16:12

 Posted by:  Dave Seay 

I tried...

Call WebGetServerInfo(WEB_INFO_USER_ID, sReceiveValue)
Call WebGetServerInfo(WEB_INFO_PAGE_SERVER_NAME, sReceiveValue)
Call WebGetServerInfo(WEB_INFO_USER_AGENT, sReceiveValue)
Call WebGetServerInfo(WEB_INFO_CONNECTION_ID, sReceiveValue)

I got values for the Agent and the Connection ID but nothing for the User ID
or Server name.


Charles McLouth


Post by Charles McLouth » 04 Mar 2004, 16:19

 Posted by:  Charles McLouth 

In short, what you are trying to do cannot be done. The information you are
trying to obtain is not transported from the Gupta Web Server Interface to
the WAM Server or WAM Service Instances.


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