App console problem

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Dave Seay

App console problem

Post by Dave Seay » 21 Jan 2004, 18:41

 Posted by:  Dave Seay 

I have 2 - 3.1 Web Apps that used to run fine on my local Win2000 PC. I
needed the files for the Linux version so I re ran the install, selecting
the Modify option and installed the web stuff. All my settings for all the
apps disappeared including the samples. I deinstalled TD 3.1 completely and
reinstall the same way I did the first time (w/o Linux as I already had the
files I needed). I noted there were no apps set up in the App Console and
at that point realized it must be the 'Web Samples' install (a seperate
install) that had put them there in the first place. I went ahead and setup
2 new applications for the previously running web apps I have. They won't

If I start the app manager and then start either of the apps, it immediately
shuts down. There are 2 errors in the Event Log..
"Unable to create a process with program file
'R:\WINPRODS\webdev\LQRLite.exe' on behalf of service LQRLite. The process
failed to load or initialize and returned exit code 0. "

followed by...

"Application processes for service LQRLite could not be created. The
application service will be stopped. "

What do I have setup wrong?



Charles McLouth

App console problem

Post by Charles McLouth » 28 Jan 2004, 02:23

 Posted by:  Charles McLouth 

Either the Gupta Runtime is not in the System Path...or the path\filename
for the executeable in appconsole is incorrect.

Most likely it is the first.


Dave Seay

App console problem

Post by Dave Seay » 28 Jan 2004, 17:03

 Posted by:  Dave Seay 

Thanks. It's fixed now.


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