MTable and Excel export - max 255 columns? (2005-2010)

MTable and Excel export - max 255 columns?

Post by TAB » 21 May 2008, 03:50

 Posted by:  TAB 

I've been using the excellent features of MTable for a while now, and I
really appreciate the rich features Michael provides us. Among my users
favorites is the option to export to Excel, but I found that if the table
contains more than 255 columns, only the first 255 are exported. The HTML
export handles all the columns in my table. No error messages are reported
at any time.

Is this an Excel limitation or an MTable limitation? If so, can it be
addressed? Note that my columns are dynamic and can go as far as 2000 as
they represent the profit centers chosen by the user. Note I am using MTable
1.8 and Excel 2007.


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Re: MTable and Excel export - max 255 columns?

Post by micsto » 29 May 2008, 12:20

 Posted by:  Michael Stoll \(MICSTO\) 

The limitation comes from the "old" Excel versions which were limitated to
255 columns.
AFAIK, in Excel 2007 this limitation doesn't exist anymore, but it's still
implemented in M!Table.
BTW, there's also a limitation to 65536 rows.


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