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Post by Jonas Mandahl Pedersen » 29 Feb 2008, 15:33

 Posted by:  Jonas Pedersen 

Dear Developers

I have for a long time promised a few developers a copy of our automated
test framework.
After I have been all talk for almost 6 months, I have finally found time to
clean the tool for internal code.
It is written in TD 2.1 PTF4, and wheter it will work with TD 5.1 is left to
be tested .
The tool is free to use and comes with full source code.
My hope is that some developers like the idea and will help us to improve
the tool.

It is currently runnning well with our application, but I can not promise
that it is plug and play for your apllication(s).
We use the tool for unit testing and complete application black box testing.

Please find more information on

Best Regards

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