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Joe Meyer

XSal2 for TD 5.1

Post by Joe Meyer » 09 Feb 2008, 20:48

 Posted by:  Joe Meyer, ITG 

Dear community,

we are pleased to announce that XSal2 for Team Developer 5.1 is released.
Please visit www.iceteagroup.com to download a free trial version and/or to
buy a development license.

If you already have a valid XSal2 license purchased after 12/31/06, please
contact sales@iceteagroup.com to receive a free upgrade.

Joe Meyer
Ice Tea Group, LLC

Oliver Greifenhain

Re: XSal2 for TD 5.1

Post by Oliver Greifenhain » 10 Feb 2008, 00:01

 Posted by:  Oliver Greifenhain 

Unfortunately, XSalTabControl does not function in TD 5.1 SP1. Function "__
onCreate" in cXSalTabs brings:
'The window handle qualifier does not reference the mentioned class name.'
in line 3

O. Greifenhain

United States of America
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Re: XSal2 for TD 5.1

Post by luca.pivato » 11 Feb 2008, 02:11

 Posted by:  Gianluca Pivato 

It's a bug in TD 5.1 with SalFindWindow() not working: Instead of finding
the named window, it always returns the parent window.

There is a workaround to this by using a loop and SalGetFirst/NextChild() to
look for "picTabs". SalGetFirst/NextChild() also have some problems, but
should work well enough to find the picTabs.

Didn't want to use the workaround in the library because I'm confident that
SalFindWindow() will be fixed. If it's still not fixed in SP2 we'll put the
workaround in the library.


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