Team Developer tips 'n tricks WIKI (2005-2010)
Dave Rabelink
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Founder/Site Admin
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Team Developer tips 'n tricks WIKI

Post by Dave Rabelink » 10 Sep 2007, 18:35

Dear community,

Over the years I have collected many tips & tricks while working on
TeamDeveloper projects. In the past I wrote them down in a small book
and later on created a Word document to place them in.

It is nearly impossible to get all into the head and many subjects do
come back again and again in new projects. To have a quick reference
to the tips and tricks can be very handy.

This forum is a real goldmine to get valuable information on all kinds
of subjects. The community here is very helpful to supply beginning
and advanced developers with usable tips.

Personally, this forum is only helpful in my free time, as our
company does not give access to newsgroups due to company policy.
It is a pitty this forum is not accessible by a webbrowser !

So I was glad to get the opportunity of my internet provider to create
a WIKI environment specially dedicated to TeamDeveloper tips & tricks.
A WIKI, just like Wikipedia, is an ideal way to store information to
be accessible troughout the world using a webbrowser. The contents of
the WIKI is purely custom and creating pages is not that hard (I'm not
very good at webpage programming) and all the tools for creating and
managing user accounts, text formatting and all other boring stuff to
get content on a webpage is included. And everyone who wants to add or
change articles just have to create a free account and can help
getting content on the Wiki.

Everyone who has once created articles in a WIKI know it is quite
simple. Even myself not being a webprogrammer can create articles !

I did put some time in creating a look for the WIKI and how articles
are presented. By reading the user documents on Wikipedia, I tried to
make a starting point. The WIKI is based on MediaWiki, the software
where Wikipedia is based on ! So there is a lot of info on how to
format text, pictures and other web stuff to be found there.

The meaning of this Wiki is to host information supplied by the
community. It does not matter if it is beginners stuff or very
advanced. Every article has its value.

So, please have a look and register. If there are any nice tips or
tricks you have, please add it to the Wiki. It is only valuable when
info is placed there. You are free in using it in any way.

If you have better ideas to present or categorize tips as it is now,
please let it know.

Right now there are some tips present. The number after a category
indicate the number of articles (tips) in that section.
Some pages have no info at all and indicate TODO. For instance, the
list of TD and SqlBase versions is not complete at all.
You can create your own new pages (see MediaWiki for info how to do
that), place pictures and links. Unfortunately, the site can not host
downloads (only pictures). But you can create external links to
samples hosted on other websites.

I have to admit, it is some time ago i did change and add new stuff on
it. Right now I really have no time. But I place this post anyway, it
may trigger ideas and some action within the community. A simple
copy/paste of nice tips posted here in the forum would be very

I really hope this results in a nice reference for TD developers and
that the community participates by supplying tips.

Here the URL :

Best regards,


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Re: Team Developer tips 'n tricks WIKI

Post by micsto » 12 Sep 2007, 08:55

Great idea!

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Re: Team Developer tips 'n tricks WIKI

Post by michael » 14 Sep 2007, 09:09

 Posted by:  Michael Hummel 

just registered

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