MTable - sort question (2005-2010)

MTable - sort question

Post by TAB » 14 Jun 2007, 03:34

 Posted by:  TAB 

I have a 'plain' MTable subclassed table window (no tree structure), and
want to reset the sort order after using MTblSortEx to let the user sort the
table. Calling MTblSortEx with empty arrays does not reset the sort order
back to the original order. Is there a way to do this? We are using CTD 4.2
and 1.8.3 of MTable.


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Re: MTable - sort question

Post by micsto » 14 Jun 2007, 10:27

 Posted by:  Michael Stoll \(MICSTO\) 

M!Table doesn't know the sort order when a table is populated, so it can't
restore it.
But M!Table knows the sort definition ( columns and sort flags ) of the last
MTblSort* call.
See MTblGetLastSortDef.


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