m!table and Drop down cell

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m!table and Drop down cell

Post by news.voljatel.hr » 20 Apr 2007, 09:11

 Posted by:  news.voljatel.hr 

is it posible (using m!table) to define some cells to be drop down, and
populate that cells with data (every cell have different data in drop down
list box).

Thanks in advance.

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m!table and Drop down cell

Post by micsto » 20 Apr 2007, 09:27

 Posted by:  Michael Stoll \(MICSTO\) 

Hi Radovan,

it's not possible.
But how about using cell buttons and displaying a selection list ( e.g. in a
dialog ) when the user clicks the cell button?


Radovan Dobric

m!table and Drop down cell

Post by Radovan Dobric » 20 Apr 2007, 10:28

 Posted by:  Radovan Dobriæ 

Hi Michael,
Thanks for the quick answer.
That's was my second choice (I allready dit it in my program), but I have to


Warren Duffin

m!table and Drop down cell

Post by Warren Duffin » 20 Apr 2007, 12:35

 Posted by:  Warren Duffin 

On some of our tables, we trap the SAM_DropDown event for a drop down
column, and populate the list at this point. This allows us to display
different lists for each row.

Maybe this would work for you as well.


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