BuildingBLOCKS from fecher (2005-2010)

BuildingBLOCKS from fecher

Post by TAB » 17 Jan 2007, 03:08

 Posted by:  TAB 

Hi NG,

Does anyone have any experience with buildingBLOCKS from fecher (see I have tried to email them several times to get information,
but they don't seem interested in selling anything as I've yet to get a
response to any of the email addresses their web site lists. The product
looks interesting though.


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BuildingBLOCKS from fecher

Post by markus.essmayr » 01 Feb 2007, 08:44

 Posted by:  Markus Eßmayr 


have you only tried the address, or did you already try one
of those in Germany?
Because currently the IT'n'T takes place in Vienna where they have their own
stand so they are out of office.



BuildingBLOCKS from fecher

Post by TAB » 02 Feb 2007, 22:26

 Posted by:  TAB 

Hi Markus,

I did get excellent help from fecher a couple of days after I wrote this
post. It turns out Mr. Fecher had been away, but as I said they contacted me
and were incredibly helpful.

Regards, TAB

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