Anyone using FaxMan ( (2005-2010)

Anyone using FaxMan (

Post by g.achrainer » 25 Nov 2005, 08:48

 Posted by:  g.achrainer 


I am trying to implement a server based fax solution using FaxMan. Since I
am just beginning, I wonder whether it's better to use the DLL based or the
ActiveX Interface?

I already declared all the stuff required for the DLL interface, but I
noticed a rather complex struct which is returned as pointer from one
function. This approach makes it impossible to declare the struct in the
external functions section, so I have to use the CStruct.apl.

On the other hand I created the ActiveX stuff and noticed that the Libraries
that Gupta built are quite "un-handy", since all the "PropGet..." functions
just return an unnecessary boolean and require the property itself to be
declared as an additional buffer variable (why didn't they do it inverted?).

Anyone experienced with that?

Thanks in advance,


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