M!Table survey: DLL naming conventions

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Petra Zamburek

M!Table survey: DLL naming conventions

Post by Petra Zamburek » 25 Nov 2005, 15:08

 Posted by:  Petra Zamburek 


you asked for the benefit?
Maybe not for you, but maybe for your customers.

It want to tell you our situation:

We use Gutpta 2.1 PTF2 for our own development. Ok, there's no problem, but:
We also run four 3rd-party-products, all written with Gupta and each of them
a different version.
Did you ever try to run 5 different Runtimes (starting at 1.5.1 up to 3.1)
at the same time and one of these apps need a path to its runtime?
I can tell you: pure horror!!!

I wish that every single dll and add-on has a unique name, containing the
version number. That would have saved me a lot of time in the past for
testing new version for their compatibility. That's really not funny.

If every product manages itself to find the right runtime when e.g. starting
a report, you have almost no problem (i do that). But if not, you need to
set the path to the runtime.

When an app changes the current directory (away from the runtime-dir, e.g.
because of a file-open) and need to load an additional dll, it searches
within the path and loads the next one it can find. If this dll is from an
other version than the app needs, don't ask for the (partly) funny or crazy
reactions of the app.
So if only one of the apps need a path to the runtime, you have many

Michael: PLEASE rename your dll's and i wish that even Gupta and all others
would do that too (as long Gupta doesn't care about the handling with
different runtimes internally, that would be the best solution!).



M!Table survey: DLL naming conventions

Post by Tony » 25 Nov 2005, 18:59

 Posted by:  Tony 

Please, do not take this as offensive, but Voltaire(if I am correct) once
People won't tell you anything unless you contradict them.
Thank you all for your clarifications.

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M!Table survey: DLL naming conventions

Post by micsto » 29 Nov 2005, 08:21

 Posted by:  Michael Stoll \( MICSTO \) 

Thank you all for your feedback.
The naming conventions will be changed from the next version.


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