Comfortable generation of test data in databases (2005-2010)
Gerhard Schubert

Comfortable generation of test data in databases

Post by Gerhard Schubert » 20 Oct 2005, 13:46

 Posted by:  Gerhard Schubert 

Hello Community!

I want to introduce our Test Data Generator TDG.

It allows you to generate mass data in SQL databases in order to test
your application packages.
TDG creates readable test data patterns in any quantity you want in an
easy and efficient way.
You can create comprehensive database scenarios with just one click.

TDG supports ODBC-connections and - especially - native connecting
to GUPTA (TM) databases.

Please see the product information:
(English version) http://
(German version) http://

Get your trial copy for free:
(English version) http://\tdg_e
(German version) http://\tdg

Best Regards,

Gerhard Schubert
IGS EDV-Systeme

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