Visualization of Object-Model (2005-2010)

Visualization of Object-Model

Post by Sandro » 16 Aug 2005, 12:27

 Posted by:  Sandro 

hello all

I am trying to visualize the objectmodel of our centura classes by using
centura's classbrowser (ctd 2.1, ptf2).

since this tool is not very comfortable i have some question about it:

- is it possible to save the displayed model?
- is there maybe another tool, which supports the desired by helping
interpreting the centura class-code?

any hint is really appreciated


Alois Fuchs

Visualization of Object-Model

Post by Alois Fuchs » 22 Aug 2005, 18:25

 Posted by:  Alois Fuchs 

hi sandro,

while the visualization (particularly of complex models) in the Class
Browser is quite confusing you can rearrange the classes as you like by
drag'n'drop; then clicking the right mouse button you can save the display
in a proprietary format in team develeoper (you also can print it), but you
can't reread it from an other tool. (you can save/print several rearranged
displays of the same model in different formats yet.) maybe this will help
you ...


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