Creating web services with TD and CC.NET (2005-2010)
Martin Knopp

Creating web services with TD and CC.NET

Post by Martin Knopp » 21 Apr 2005, 09:47

 Posted by:  Martin Knopp 

I want to inform you that classCOMPILER.NET gives you a great opportunity to
build web services based on business logic in SAL without any need for COM+
(announced by GUPTA to be dropped in TD2006) or SOAP Toolkit (no longer
supported by MS).

It is indeed very simple because you can use CC.NET to compile your business
logic in SAL to native .NET objects and then it is extremely easy to make
Web Services out of these .NET objects using Visual Studio 2003.

If you are interested in this just send us an email at
including your company details and contact informations and we will send you
a 30-day trial version of CC.NET including a web services sample.

Greetings from Vienna,

fecher GmbH
good people - good software

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