Ice Tea Active Pages (2005-2010)

Ice Tea Active Pages

Post by LEd » 13 Apr 2005, 01:22

 Posted by:  LEd 

Has anyone tried "Ice Tea Active Pages" for building a Web app?. If you do,
please let me know if I can use it for a mid size internet application.



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Ice Tea Active Pages

Post by luca.pivato » 29 May 2005, 19:44

 Posted by:  Gianluca Pivato 

Yes, contact me directly for a list of contacts and applications. You can
also simply go to, the whole site is powered by ITAP +
IIS6, including the shopping cart. Read also the articles and success
stories on Tea Talk. ITAP is able to support applications of any size and
can scale up extremely well. It's fault tolerant, fast, secure and reliable.

Best regards,
Gianluca Pivato
Ice Tea Group, LLC

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