BuildTool for TD 2005 (2005-2010)
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BuildTool for TD 2005

Post by cschubert » 12 Mar 2005, 14:01

 Posted by:  Christian Schubert 

A version of BuildTool for TD 4.0 (2005) is available here:

BuildTool hooks into TD's Project menu, provides a unique build number
for every build and keeps track of date/time, machine name and user name.
This information can be stored in the outline or in external files.

**** New features ****
- Build information can be stored in a database
- Build report with selection dialog
- New resizeable build text dialog with table and categories
- Build info can be stored in a TD resource

This new version should also contain an option to store the build number in
the executable's file version resource. However the CDK function needed to
accomplish this is still buggy (has always been since TD 2.0 five years
ago!) so this option is disabled. I'm still looking for workaround...

The help file has not been updated yet, it will take another couple of days.

Updates for TD 1.5 - 3.1 containing the new features will also be available

Christian Schubert

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