Does TD6.2 support Oracle 18?

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Does TD6.2 support Oracle 18?

Post by JonasK » 02 Jul 2019, 08:51

Hello folks,

our customers want to upgrad towards to Oracle 18. One already installed an test-database, there a connection from our software was not possible (Error Message: oracle specific error reported, more information available).

  • * 32Bit-Oracle Driver
    * database configured in sql.ini and tnsnames.ora
    * connection from other software (PLSQLDeveloper, SQLDeveloper) possible
    * connection to an Oracle 12 from the same client-pc with our program and the same deploy works fine
In the official compatiblity matrix there is no support guaranteed ( ... Matrix.pdf), so far we had no problems with older versions. Can you provide some info whether TD6.2 works with Oracle 18? We planned an test-instllation in our company, but i the meantime i wanted to gather some information from the community :)


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Re: Does TD6.2 support Oracle 18?

Post by Harald » 02 Jul 2019, 11:44

Hi Jonas,

Oracle 18 ist just a service release of Oracle 12. They only changed the naming convention, 18 is now the year of the release (instead of 12.3). So TD 6.2 should support Oracle 18 as well as Oracle 12.

Kind regards

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