Slide in dock window after create

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Slide in dock window after create

Post by Zephy » 30 Aug 2013, 15:13

How can I slide in dock window after create a form?
I can not use "Call SalDlgSetDockSlide( whDock, FALSE )", because "SalDlgSetDockSlide" delete "AutoHide" pin :( .

I use now:

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On SAM_CreateComplete
   Set whDock = SalCreateWindow( dlg1, hWndForm )
   Call SalDlgSetDockStatus( whDock, DOCK_Right )
I need slide in the dock window after CreateComplete, like this:
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Re: Slide in dock window after create

Post by Charlie » 05 Sep 2013, 17:19

Here's what I've done.

A menu item, in the customers' applications, that only developers can access:

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Menu Item: Save Current MDI Dock State
   Menu Actions
      Call SalWindowWriteDockState( hWndMDI, GetMyApplicationPath() || 'CURRENT_MDI_DOCK_STATE.xml' )
At run-time, we slide all docked windows the way we like, then we save teh current MDI dock state.

We take the saved XML file, and give it another name, say "SYSTEM_DEFAULT_DOCK_STATE.xml"

Upon launch of our customers' applications and creation of the MDI:

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Call SalWindowApplyDockState(mdi, GetMyApplicationPath() || 'SYSTEM_DEFAULT_DOCK_STATE.xml')
NOTE: if the metrics of any docking dialog change in the source, the previously saved dock state file will stop working. We then either have to create a new XML file, or take the original one given to clients and tweak it as necessary. Compare XML files generated by WriteDockState for every change in any docking dialog.


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Re: Slide in dock window after create

Post by Steve Leighton » 29 Oct 2020, 21:51

As an addendum to using SalWindowApplyDockState() - which can really flicker as the Dialog is being re-set to its Saved state,
I found that suspending painting of the Parent ( MDI ) can make everything alot smoother.
I know its not the answer for every situation - but its worth a try if you get the screen shakes :
p.s. you may need to suspend painting on the actual dialogs being re-docked also, to make things even more smooth.
p.p.s. Dont forget to re-enable painting as soon as SalWindowApplyDockState() is done - which in turn re-paints the finished result.
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