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Smart App Control

Post by » 28 Oct 2022, 09:33


Microsoft has announced the new feature "Smart App Control", which will check all applications if Microsoft trusts them: ... 98afdb7003.
An important property will be a valid signature of the application. Until now TD provides a certificate file only for .NET applications, not for Win64 applications.

Is there any chance to get a valid signature for a Win64 application? I'm afraid, one day a client will call me, that our programs do not run any longer. And it could be difficult to convince an it administrator to disable security features of microsoft.

Thank you and best regards


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Re: Smart App Control

Post by Riuks » 01 Nov 2022, 18:55

There is time to look new tools for programming...
I suggest web application instead of win64... and do not look into TDM. Thast for beginners and is limited in any aspect.
VS Code, Pycharm etc with extention helps you out.

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Re: Smart App Control

Post by fausto.lupercio » 04 Nov 2022, 13:36


It will be the beginning of the end of SQLWindows..?
I think our community is less and less... I have searched for Jeff Luther's examples and his web page is no longer there... does anyone know anything about Jeff Luther...



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Re: Smart App Control

Post by Jeff Luther » 04 Nov 2022, 16:05

Hi, Fausto -- I'm still here but only active in the forum now and then. I dropped my web site because of the lack of visitors, the cost of the site and because my TD samples were written for v5.2 + 6.x only. I never had v7. I'm retired now ;-) and not actively programming any longer except for a couple of my own apps.

Thank you for remembering and asking about me though, Fausto! - Jeff
Jeff Luther @ PC Design
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