How to choose ?

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How to choose ?

Post by Balboos » 28 Feb 2002, 16:28

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Hello, all.

I'm currently using MS VC++ access FoxPro dbf's (via SQL queries). It's
seems to be a bit unreliable. The systems are both stand-alone, and very
small networks (1-4 additional stations). What reliable dbase providers are

Since I posess the MS Visual Studio, I have a copy of SQLServer, and can
distribute it for free, with my applications. But, will I find it as
unreliable as MS's FoxPro?

Assuming I have to pay a license fee for each user, with a different
provider, what should I expect to pay, and from whom? Of these, which allow
the server to be simultaneously used as a workstation (vs. dedicated

Any help and experience would be most valuable.


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