SQLBAse 9 vs MS SQL Server 2000

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SQLBAse 9 vs MS SQL Server 2000

Post by Djavdet » 19 Dec 2004, 21:25

 Posted by:  Djavdet <dja...@yahoo.com> 

Hi everyone.
I was wondering if there are any performance benchmark comparisons for
SQLBase 9 and MS SQL Server 2000?
I am kinda leaning to switch to SQLBase hoping it is faster. I don't
really need that much functionality MS SQL Server provides so I'd
rather used more efficient and faster DBMS. But I'd like to use sql as
my primary language to talk to DB.
I am looking at SQLBase since I worked with it back in '95 and by that
time it was faster then SQL Server 6.
Any thoughts ? suggestions?
Or maybe I need to look at something else?
Thanks anyway.

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