class reference problem

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class reference problem

Post by Andrew Tanenbaum » 03 Nov 2004, 15:07

 Posted by: (Andrew Tanenbaum) 

I have this situation.

I defined a table window class "A" derived from cQuickTable
I defined a form window class "B" with inside an instance of class "A"

Form Window Class: B
A: myTable

When i create an instance of class "B" in my application, i connect
the table window as a cQuickTable and then i find several
automatically generated functions. Among them there is the function
_qoConstruct() with this code

Set m_bIsWired = TRUE

When i compile, it raises an error because myTable is not derived from
cQuickTable. If i modify the code like below

Set m_bIsWired = TRUE

It is all ok.


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