Migration to Centura 2000 and Windows 2000

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Migration to Centura 2000 and Windows 2000

Post by Boris » 27 Mar 2003, 19:28

 Posted by:  bori...@comcast.net (Boris) 

My organization is planning to migrate an application from Centura
Team Developer 1.5 to Centura 2000 and from Windows NT to Windows
2000. Has anyone had experience with such a transition? Any
suggestions will be highly appreciated.


Migration to Centura 2000 and Windows 2000

Post by Jared » 27 Mar 2003, 22:55

 Posted by:  jazza...@hotmail.com (Jared) 

Recently we went from win98 to windows XP with CTD 1.5. The only real
problem that we found was that printing did not work anymore with
report builder. We had to fiddle with dlls to get it working again.
Just wanted to let you know that this might be a problem if you stick
with CTD 1.5 while upgrading the OS.

Lubos Vnuk

Migration to Centura 2000 and Windows 2000

Post by Lubos Vnuk » 28 Mar 2003, 11:38

 Posted by:  lv...@miesto.sk (Lubos Vnuk) 

Hey Boris,

yes I have experienced a similar migration:
CTD 1.5.1 PTF6 (WinNT) -> TD2.1 PTF1 (Win2000 Pro SP2)

My advice:
- skip CTD2000 and go to TD2.1 (or maybe even TD3.0)
- TD2.1 PTF1 is pretty stable (unlike PTF2, haven't tried PTF3 yet)
-> if you are using sqlifx32.dll - use the old one from CTD 1.5.1 PTF6
-> COM/ActiveX migration and the "Non-editable data fields" issue
is well documented in the Gupta White papers:
-> Lotus Notes Quick Objects were discontinued

Generally, some minor issues are to be expected during the migration
(just check the bug fixes coming with every PTF ;o)) but with most
of them as usual one can find a workaround.


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