HELP : sqlbase 7.0.1, winNT and connect database

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HELP : sqlbase 7.0.1, winNT and connect database

Post by chris » 16 Mar 2004, 16:31

 Posted by: (chris) 


i've got a strange problem with sqlbase7.0.1.

i've got a Win NT4 server with sqlbase 7.0.1. and i use tcpip
I use sqltalk 32 bit to ask some query to a database name ME.
I can create a new database with :

"Set server <servername>;
create database ABC;
" all is ok
(ABC/ABC.dbs is created )
but when i want to connect database ABC i've got this error
"Error : database name not configured".

when i add ABC to sql.ini file nothing change...
may be could i have just one database on my server...??? i don't think so...

I just want to duplicate my first database ME.

I need some help!
should i install sqltalk 16 bit???

Thanks !

Gerhard Achrainer

HELP : sqlbase 7.0.1, winNT and connect database

Post by Gerhard Achrainer » 16 Mar 2004, 19:53

 Posted by:  Gerhard Achrainer <> 


pls check your "serverpath" entry in the sql.ini. Usually it looks like the

but if you define it as follows:
you can only connect to a database "DEMO" or "TEST". If you got that
configuration, try to replace it by the above. Otherwise, you might want to
post your currently used sql.ini here in order to check the problem.



P.S.: Don't forget to backup your sql.ini file before changing it...


HELP : sqlbase 7.0.1, winNT and connect database

Post by chris » 17 Mar 2004, 14:40

 Posted by: (chris) 

thks for ur answer,

I try to create and connect to a new database with an other winnt4
server ( same configuration ! ). It works perfectly.

his sql.ini ( in centura's directory ) is :
servername=waimea, sqlapipe,sqlws32

For the bad server, there is only one database...but 2 sql.ini files
centurasql.ini and winntsql.ini

in winntsql.ini i've got this sequence...

I will looking for the serverpath configuration and i will try ur



Klaus-Dieter Remmler

HELP : sqlbase 7.0.1, winNT and connect database

Post by Klaus-Dieter Remmler » 19 Mar 2004, 12:18

 Posted by: (Klaus-Dieter Remmler) 

Dear Chris,

i think the 2 sql.ini files are the problem.
Rename one sql.ini and check your path, so that the remaining sql.ini
can be found.
Edit the server section (dbnt25sv in your ini):
The path in this entry MUST be the path as seen by the local machine
(maybe your E:.. is not a local path?)
Connect to the server with sqltalk
Set Server <servername>/<password>;
create database test;
After running this script your database should exist in your DBDIR. Be
shure that start.dbs is in DBDIR!
Then you can connect to test with SYSADM/SYSADM.
Try then your database ME again. In one sql.ini can only configure ONE
DBDIR and all databases must have distiguished names. They are hold in
one DBDIR.
Hope it helps.
Best regards from Germany

Dr. Klaus-Dieter Remmler

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