Compatibility SQLbase 8.5 - cbi 2.1

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Compatibility SQLbase 8.5 - cbi 2.1

Post by HannsLetz » 14 Jan 2004, 13:41

 Posted by: (HannsLetz) 


I have a problem with an installation of Gupta SQLBase Desktop 8.5 and
an application written with cbi 2.1. Both are installed on the same
computer (Win2000) in different directories. The deployment files for
cbi 2.1 are installed into the directory of the application.
The Problem is the Database Connectivity: SQLBase 8.5 has new keywords
in the sql.ini file wich lead to errormessages from the application.
I have tried the following: I copied the sql.ini file from the SQLBase
directory to the application directory. In this copy I outcommented
all the new keywords. So I have 2 sql.ini files: One (with the new
keywords) in the SQLBase Directory and one (without the new keywords)
in the application directory. Otherwise they are identical.
The result is: I can connect to the database via SQLTalk (from the
SQLBase directory) but the application brings the error #401 'database
not found'.
Can anybody help?

Thanks in advance

Niels Allerheiligen

Compatibility SQLbase 8.5 - cbi 2.1

Post by Niels Allerheiligen » 14 Jan 2004, 15:05

 Posted by:  Niels Allerheiligen <> 


it seems to me that the application is not using the right sql.ini or
the entry for serverpath is incorrect. However, I may be wrong because I
don't use SQLBase 8.5 but 8.1...

Try asking in forum.sqlbase on news://


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