Accessing SQLBase database in Linux enviroment?

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Accessing SQLBase database in Linux enviroment?

Post by =?ISO-8859-1?Q?Antti_Ij=E4s?= » 14 Jan 2003, 14:25

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We have an application that uses a SQLBase database on a Win2000
server. I'm now developing a web-application on a Linux-server that
would need data from the SQLBase-database. I'm using PHP to program
the interface.

How do I connect to the SQLBase database from the Linux server?

I've got absolutely no idea on how this is done, so I would be more
than greatful of any comments or solutions you come up with!

Best regards,

Antti Ijäs

Klaus-Dieter Remmler

Accessing SQLBase database in Linux enviroment?

Post by Klaus-Dieter Remmler » 16 Jan 2003, 15:49

 Posted by: (Klaus-Dieter Remmler) 


I think there is no chance to get data directly from SQLBase, because
it exists no ODBC driver for SQLBase, that is working under Linux and
can be used by PHP.
But I see two possibilities to get data from SQLBase database...
You have to use Java and JDBC driver that comes with SQLBase (I think
version 7 or higher). You should get a connection and the wished data.
You convert the SQLBase data into mySQL (if possible). You can use MS
Access to do this or any other tool. There is also a possibility to
use an sql script to get the wished data from SQLBase and import the
data with the script e.g. mysql.exe that comes with mySQL. This
solution implicits that no actual data from the data source are
needed, but you can automate the job under your database server or
linux server.
Hope it helps.

Dr. Klaus-Dieter Remmler
from Germany

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