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SQLBase 8.1 ODBC Crystal Reports

Post by Harm » 27 Feb 2004, 10:48

 Posted by:  Harm <harm@-n0spam-hartmangroep.nl> 

I am trying to build a report in Crystal Reports (version 7 and 9) using
ODBC to connect to a SQLBase (version 8.1) database, that will be
used to print stickers for shipping.

The problem is that every time the report is generated the user needs to
manually fill in the password for the user that connects to the
database. I don't want the user to have to fill in the database user's
password for every single sticker that is printed.

I use the same combination of Crystal Reports and ODBC with a different
database but the driver used for this ODBC connection allows me to store
the password.

The ODBC driver I am using:
CR SQLBase version dll: crgup13.dll

How can I solve this problem?

(The SQLBase ODBC driver by Gupta that I installed
Gupta SQLBase version dll: sqlbaseodbc.dll
doesn't work at all: 'Connection failed with SQLState: "IM003"'
The driver is there and in the PATH.)

Thanks in advance,


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