[Trigger/PLSql] Create by SqlTalk

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[Trigger/PLSql] Create by SqlTalk

Post by Enrico » 25 Nov 2002, 18:28

 Posted by:  e.r...@copernicopaghe.it (Enrico) 

Hi there,

I need to create a Trigger and/or PLSql in Oracle by Sqltalk:
how can you do this ?!

I have a problem for the colon character (;) terminates the command before its end.

Thanks a lot.

BOb & Henry.


Re: [Trigger/PLSql] Create by SqlTalk

Post by craig... » 31 Mar 2014, 09:38

 Posted by:  craig...@gmail.com 

Twelve years later... did you ever get an answer to this? Can it be done?

How do you execute CREATE TRIGGER in SQLTalk using an Oracle connection?


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