Getting Binary Data out of a LONG data type

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Getting Binary Data out of a LONG data type

Post by Erik Voldengen » 08 Jun 2004, 22:37

 Posted by: (Erik Voldengen) 

I am having a horrible time getting some binary data out of a SQLbase

I'm running 8.5, and I've updated to the latest drivers on the Gupta

I'm connecting to the DB via the ODBC driver. Whenever I query data
out of this binary column, it's coming over as ASCII. Same with the
JDBC driver. I don't know what else to do going this route.

I'd really like to use SQL Server and DTS the data over, but that,
too, brings the data over as ASCII rather than binary. I've tried
using DTS with Gupta's ODBC and OLE. SQL Server DTS, by default,
assigns the "text" data type to a column of type "LONG" in SQLbase.
And I can't transform it to something more appropriate, say IMAGE,
because it's viewed as a text field by SQL Server.

Anyone have any suggestions as to what I could do?


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