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Dave Moulton

SQLBase Client

Post by Dave Moulton » 23 Aug 2001, 17:41

 Posted by:  Dave Moulton <dmou...@len-ind.com> 

Is it possible to connect to a SQLBase 6.1.2 database [on NT4 - IP] with the
SQLBase 7.5.1 client [NT & 9x]?

I'm in the process of upgrading our db to 7.5.1, and it would be easier to
update all the clients during normal hours, then do the server over a
weekend, rather than upgrading server & all clients in that same weekend...

Dave M.

Joe Meyer

SQLBase Client

Post by Joe Meyer » 09 Oct 2001, 09:26

 Posted by:  Joe Meyer <j...@iceteagroup.com> 

I dpn't have too much experience with Sqlbase but it should be possible to
use a 7.5 client against a 6.1 Base. You might also want to post your
question to news://talkto.guptaworldwide.com/forum.sqlbase

Joe Meyer, TAO
Ice Tea Group, LLC.

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