ODBC driver for SQLBase V5.0.2

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Caroline Graham

ODBC driver for SQLBase V5.0.2

Post by Caroline Graham » 29 Jul 2001, 18:12

 Posted by:  cgra...@hotmail.com (Caroline Graham) 


I am attempting to connect to an SQLBase 5.0.2 database via VB6.
Intersolv and Centurasoft no longer sell a driver for this version.
Has anyone any resources or tips that I can use to connect to this

Upgrading the database is unfortunately not an option.

Thanks in advance.


Joe Meyer

ODBC driver for SQLBase V5.0.2

Post by Joe Meyer » 09 Oct 2001, 09:29

 Posted by:  Joe Meyer <j...@iceteagroup.com> 

From my experience I can say: don't waste your time trying to get ODBC/SB5.0
to work properly. If upgrading the db is not an option for you then you're

Joe Meyer, TAO
Ice Tea Group, LLC.

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