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SqlBase 7.01 / Windows XP * PLZ HELP *

Post by Joey » 08 Feb 2006, 03:35

 Posted by:  Joey <J_nospa...@moultriega.net> 

Hi All,

I am in desperate need of help to try to solve a problem. Our Windows
application running under the embedded Novell client on a Windows 98 SE
machine works great connecting to the database on Novell 3.2 Server.

When we changed to Windows XP we can connect to the Novell server but
when the application tries to open the database it just times out. I
tried both the embedded Novell client and the one recommended from
Novell's site but both won't allow connection to the SqlBase 7.01
database on the Novell server.

Does anyone have any suggestions to try ?? ANY help will be greatly
appreciated !


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