universe 9.6 running on unix, trying to get odbc working

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universe 9.6 running on unix, trying to get odbc working

Post by Rich » 20 Aug 2002, 23:22

 Posted by:  ri...@rell.com (Rich) 

I have searched and searched and dont see a reply to this so, here

Ive got uniVerse 9.6 installed on a data general running dg/ux 4.20
Ive got my odbc software installed, running CONFIG from the uv account
confirms this.

Ive got an entry in the uvodbc.config file reading <EPDEV> and then

EPDEV is defined in my host table to point to the NT 2k machine thats
running our oracle database.

My question is: What else do I need to make a connection using
'CONNECT EPDEV' from universe?

Im getting the following error:

SQLConnect error: Status = -1 SQLState = IM976 Natcode = -1
[ODBC:-1] Data source name not found, or ODBC is not installed on the

Do i need more software to make this work or am I missing some
configuration somwhere?

I can access universe using asp pages, I see the log.TCP files getting
created in /tmp when i come in from our intranet, but i cant connect
to the 2K box to retrieve oracle information.

Hope someone can help.
If so, could you reply to my email address also, ri...@rell.com
Best Regards

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