to Show ( Pop-up) in SQL Windows version 5.02

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to Show ( Pop-up) in SQL Windows version 5.02

Post by Mike » 22 Jun 2001, 21:18

 Posted by: (Mike) 

Someone has more examples as this for SQLWindows version 5.02, since
does not come the instruction of Showthiswindow.



How is it possible to show(Pop-up) a window when it is minimized, in
of Word or Outlook.

e.g. You are working in Outlook (reading email), but on a certain
you receive something from your serial port where the minimized
was polling on. Then the window should pop-up and have the focus on a
certain field. How can I do this ???
I see the window is maximizing but it stays behind the other windows.
SalBringWindowToTop doesn't help !!!

Thanx for helping me out.

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