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--Re: Max amount of memory used by SQLBase 7.51

Post by Bill Bearden » 11 Jun 2003, 23:42

 Posted by:  billb...@yahoo.com (Bill Bearden) 


I question your statement that the SORTCACHE parameter was re-enabled
in 7.5.1. I see no difference in behavior when I change this
parameter. I am also stuck with an application running 7.5.1. I have
watched the dbntsrv.exe process as I run queries and it doesn't appear
to matter what the setting of SORTCACHE is.

I have also watched for the creation of the SQL*.tmp files. I think
that they weren't created in 6.1.2 when I had the SORTCACHE set high.
In 7.5.1, they appear to always be created.

After reading the SQLBase Performance document, I am puzzled by the
claim that 512MB RAM is recommended. On big queries, my server appears
to be banging hard on the disks and has plenty of RAM (and processor!)
free. It seems like the the same query on 6.1.2 (same hardware) max'ed
the CPU, and ran about 30% faster.

Do I just have to live with it, or buy a new server, or can anyone
point out some things I might have missed when upgrading?

Thanks a lot,

p.s. reorg and update statistics have no effect I can see.

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