Print a text file with SQLWindows

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Print a text file with SQLWindows

Post by HHN » 29 Oct 2002, 16:22

 Posted by:  HHN <> 

I want to print a text file on the default printer (WNT4.0) with

Do you have an exemple ?

If not possible, then is it possible to get the default queue printer with
an sqlWindows function ?



Peter Popp

Print a text file with SQLWindows

Post by Peter Popp » 04 Nov 2002, 10:41

 Posted by:  Peter Popp <> 

Am Tue, 29 Oct 2002 16:22:41 +0100 schrieb "HHN"

I think, there is no dedicated function in Sal to print text files.
You have to define a nearly blank report with at least one field,
where line wrapping is activated or send the text line by line on
rptfetchnext to the Report.

Have a look at the SalPrt... - functions, f.e. SalPrtGetDefault.

Peter Popp

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