Urgent,Plz help me .......need to calculate the total of a field in subreport.

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Urgent,Plz help me .......need to calculate the total of a field in subreport.

Post by Manal/report designer » 27 Oct 2003, 10:38

 Posted by:  manal_...@hotmail.com (Manal/report designer) 

Thank you in advance for any suggestions...
I'm using crystal reports version 8 & SQL server.
I've created a report that is composed of 2 parts: 1st part contains
the main report which uses database1 (db1) located on server1(S1), 2nd
part contains the subreport which uses database2 (db2) located on
server2 (S2), and I've used (parameter field & a certain fields) to
link the subreport to the main report.

The subreport is composed of 2 columns: the 1st one is from db2 &
S2, the 2nd one is a result of multiplication of the 1st column to a
column field situated in the main report (that I've imported it to the
subreport through a formula field that I've created in the subreport
and I've assigned to it the value of a column situated in the
main report by using the subreport links).

And what I'm trying to do is the total of the 2nd column
situated in the subreport: I've tried many ways such as running total
& the ∑ to calculate it but always the result is false. I've
tried also to put the subreport in the footer of the main report but
because of the subreport links that must exist the data column itself
has became false.
Any suggestions ???
Plz help !!!

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