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Linux Team Developer

Post by John R. Sowden » 10 Sep 2005, 23:38

 Posted by:  John R. Sowden <> 

I just perchased the Team developer for Linux er I mean for MS Windows
running on Wine then Linux.
I hope this group becomes avtive, as in order to talk to other users on the
Gupta Newsgroup, each of us must pay $995.00 per year to see bugs, bug
fixes and talk to non-Gupta people.

Of course that was clearly stated on the handout for Team Developer at the
San Francisco Linuxworld, NOT!

Let's hope I can get this thing installed.

Be back,

John R. Sowden
American Sentry Systems, Inc.
U.L. Listed Central Station Alarm Service
Commercial and Residential Security Systems
Serving the San Francisco Bay Area Sine 1967

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