SQL99 ANSI syntax

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SQL99 ANSI syntax

Post by Albe » 04 Jul 2006, 09:06

 Posted by:  Albe <coralbe...@email.it> 

Hello to everyone.
I'm quite new to this newgroup and probably this matter has already been
talked about.
I'm trying to use SLQ99 ANSI syntax about joins on an sqlbase 9.0 database
but without any success.
I read on the sqllang.pdf that the standard syntax would be supported on
version 8.5 and later and I saw quite a few examples on the document.
Would anyone submit an example of a working sql command including a join,
please ?

Niels Allerheiligen

Re: SQL99 ANSI syntax

Post by Niels Allerheiligen » 07 Jul 2006, 11:12

 Posted by:  Niels Allerheiligen <nallerheilige...@genese.de> 

Have you set "ansijoinsyntax=1" in sql.ini?
SQLBase Database Administrator's Guide, page 3-11



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