Issues concerning conversion to Java

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Issues concerning conversion to Java

Post by Dave Rabelink » 03 Feb 2005, 09:35

 Posted by:  Dave Rabelink 


We are investigating the issues concerning conversion from CTD sources to

Our applications heavily use WinApi to repaint CTD visual objects (forms,
MDI's etc)
and SalCompileAndEvaluate to dynamically read/write object attributes.
Also we use mainly Dynalibs to exchange data. Every dynalib is interfaced
through exported functions and top level windows.
Last but not least ActiveX interfacing to thrd party components (events,
methods etc). Those
are visual object (gui's exported from ActiveX components and non visual
Our main CRM application uses dozens dynalibs and some parts are compiled
with the object compiler for performance. In totally this application is
huge and is developed over a period of 10 years, so many lines of code and
heavily optimized over the years.

We would like to know what CTD functionality (SAL code and the functionality
described above) are problematic and need redesigned equivalents in Java.

Who here has experience with this ? Do the 3rd party tools for automatic
conversion on the market
offer a good way to convert the applications ? What about the Java code
which is produced using those tools ? Is it structured and neat so
maintenance will not be difficult ?

Any comments are welcome !

Dave Rabelink

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