Conenecting to Sybase

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Conenecting to Sybase

Post by Sergio » 21 Jan 2005, 01:55

 Posted by:  Sergio 

I need to connect to Sybase, but appears error dialog.

I tried through a ODBC that has setting the parameters user and password but
when connecting appears a error of ":-103[Sybase][ODBC Driver][Adaptive
Server Anywhere]Invalid user authorization specification: Invalid user ID or



Niels Allerheiligen

Conenecting to Sybase

Post by Niels Allerheiligen » 21 Jan 2005, 14:25

 Posted by:  Niels Allerheiligen 


it seems as if the username/password, you provided in the connection
string, is wrong. Or you haven't set SqlUser/SqlPassword in you
application. For connections to SQLBase this may not be necessary, but
the default user/password for Sybase is dba/sql not sysadm/sysadm.



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