!!! Gupta 3.0 Editor crashes all the time !!!

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Hannes Bachmann

!!! Gupta 3.0 Editor crashes all the time !!!

Post by Hannes Bachmann » 04 Sep 2003, 08:35

 Posted by:  Hannes Bachmann 

Gupta 3.0 ptf1 with large outlinefiles the editor chrashes all the time and
has hang ups. It's not possible to describe when this error happens exactly
because it happens so often.

Sorry, but better you make a working editor than a new homepage!!!

Werner Preininger

!!! Gupta 3.0 Editor crashes all the time !!!

Post by Werner Preininger » 04 Sep 2003, 09:27

 Posted by:  Werner Preininger 

I have noticed a similar problem with a source file of 4 MB and CTD 3.0. If you
do a right mouse click to get e.g. the "library item info" the memory
consumption of the editor goes up to 700 MB ! After some (long) time of
swapping the context menue will be shown. If you do not like to wait for such a
long time, you have to kill the process and start again.

Also the active coding assistant takes a lot of resources, therefore I turn
this option off for large source files.


Rainer Ebert

!!! Gupta 3.0 Editor crashes all the time !!!

Post by Rainer Ebert » 04 Sep 2003, 09:40

 Posted by:  Rainer Ebert 

This problem also happens on TD 2.1 PTF1.



!!! Gupta 3.0 Editor crashes all the time !!!

Post by K.Henningsson » 04 Sep 2003, 10:27

 Posted by:  K.Henningsson 


Just a humble suggestion.

save the large source file in an other format (.apt if it is .app and .app
if it is .apt)
Does the problem dissappear?
Be aware of that saving in .app format can sometimes cause corruption of the
source file.

I think it is the enumeration of the source that is so memory and thus time-
consuming. Text and binary tokens must be processed differently. A
missplaced (according to the text scanner) indent can completly disrupt the

Just a thought :-)
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Jim McNamara

!!! Gupta 3.0 Editor crashes all the time !!!

Post by Jim McNamara » 04 Sep 2003, 16:12

 Posted by:  Jim McNamara 

What's your platform & what do you consider a 'large outline'. I have a
couple outlines > 3.5 Mb and experience no such issues. (W2K, 2.GHz P4,

Vladimir Gloushenkov

!!! Gupta 3.0 Editor crashes all the time !!!

Post by Vladimir Gloushenkov » 04 Sep 2003, 18:20

 Posted by:  Vladimir Gloushenkov 

There is something smelling bad there. It definitely saw TD 2.1 eating all
available memory when
I right-clicked on an item included from library (absolutely everything was
in text format). I have an impression that it happens when you have
libraries that reference each other - like a.apl includes b.apl and b.apl
includes a.apl.
Maybe in a more complicated case than that and depending on the order in
which the libraries are included.
I am not saying that circular referencing is good practice (sometimes it has
advantages) but it's no excuse for IDE to crash.


!!! Gupta 3.0 Editor crashes all the time !!!

Post by sherlock » 04 Sep 2003, 20:38

 Posted by:  sherlock 

2.1 PTF1 works fine here.

Igor Ivanovic
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!!! Gupta 3.0 Editor crashes all the time !!!

Post by Igor Ivanovic » 05 Sep 2003, 10:34

 Posted by:  Igor Ivanovic 

There is definitely something wrong with your installation or your

We're using TD 2.1 PTF4 and TD 3.0 on a daily basis with apps greater
than 10 Megs (actually cca 14Megs both) with no problems whatsoever.

"Go To Library Item" executes in 1-2 secs on P3-800Mhz, and "Library
Item Info" is showed instantly (milliseconds).

We work with apps in normal mode (with regular backups in text mode),
and refresh the app from text every now and then.
Not a single line of code lost for years.


Dave Seay

!!! Gupta 3.0 Editor crashes all the time !!!

Post by Dave Seay » 05 Sep 2003, 16:10

 Posted by:  Dave Seay 

How about 38 meg apps? We've got them and have no problem (CTD2.1 PTF4 and
TD3.0 PTF1)


Michel de Becdelièvre

!!! Gupta 3.0 Editor crashes all the time !!!

Post by Michel de Becdelièvre » 08 Sep 2003, 14:18

 Posted by:  Michel de Becdelièvre 

I signaled this behaviour to Gupta on TD 3PTF1 some time ago. Waiting for
PTF2. :


Log-A-Bug has reviewed the issue listed below and determined that this is a

defect. The defect number is 78514.

For further information watch for the fix in the Fixes.Wri file in future

PTF's or Releases.

Short description of problem:

Thank you,



!!! Gupta 3.0 Editor crashes all the time !!!

Post by Manuel » 17 Sep 2003, 10:00

 Posted by:  Manuel 

I'm having the same problem, but only when I'm browsing in classes and
descendant windows. Global functions are not affected.... The curious thing
is, it once worked!

Tested on W2k and XP


!!! Gupta 3.0 Editor crashes all the time !!!

Post by gbd » 17 Sep 2003, 14:41

 Posted by:  gbd 

Have similar problems,
Perhaps it's the ActiveX in base classes that do that,

I attempt to do a merge library (5Méga source)
so the activeX event Handler are no more supported..
It's very frustrating...

Dion Edhouse

!!! Gupta 3.0 Editor crashes all the time !!!

Post by Dion Edhouse » 18 Sep 2003, 07:18

 Posted by:  Dion Edhouse 

I noticed something similar in coverting a 1.5.1 app to 3.0 for a client.
Found a work-around though... seems to only happen when underlying APL's
have been save compiled (ie. Save as APP but with a APL extension). I found
that opening the libraries and saving them as text with a APL extension
solved the problem, but you will have to start at the bottom of the library

Suren Behari

!!! Gupta 3.0 Editor crashes all the time !!!

Post by Suren Behari » 18 Sep 2003, 16:05

 Posted by:  Suren Behari 


It sounds like the majority on this thread have no problem with "large"
Outline files - even as large as 38Mbs.

I tried to reproduce this problem yesterday using:
- TD 2.1 & all PTFs
- TD 3.0 & PTF1
- Beta Build 9051
without success.

It would help Gupta if you could provide the simplest of test cases, so that
Engineering can easily reproduce in-house. Since this happens so often for
you, you should have no problem coming up with a reproducible case.

Please email me privately with more details.



!!! Gupta 3.0 Editor crashes all the time !!!

Post by gbd » 08 Oct 2003, 10:32

 Posted by:  gbd 

As i said, have the same problem,

but not repoductible with smaller source code including the same activex.

I had to canceled my migration to ctd30

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