Orcacle PlSql & USELOB -> malfunction

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Orcacle PlSql & USELOB -> malfunction

Post by holger.mueller » 19 Oct 2005, 22:57

 Posted by:  Holger Mueller, CSD 

SqlWindows/32 3.1 PTF 4, Oracle 9i/10i, sqlora32.dll


Try follwing action:

SqlConnect ( hSql )

Set isClientInfo = sP_ClientInfo
If Not SqlOraPLSQLPrepare ( ihSqlMain, 'BEGIN
Return FALSE
If Not SqlOraPLSQLExecute ( ihSqlMain )
Return FALSE

=> PlSqlError (iteration, invalid length of bind)


Call SqlSetParameterAll ( hSql, DBP_ORAUSELOB, 0, "", TRUE )

Then calling again PLSql, no error returns

There are some other errors while inserting in VARCHAR2(4000)-all theses
errors will disapear when calling SqlSetParameterAll ( hSql,
DBP_ORAUSELOB, 0, "", TRUE )at startup.


Holger Mueller, CSD Vienna

Denys Motornyy

Re: Orcacle PlSql & USELOB -> malfunction

Post by Denys Motornyy » 20 Oct 2005, 14:55

 Posted by:  Denys Motornyy 

Are You try select more than 53 column in one select? (look at my post "No
result set" error" in this group)

How You set up enviroment for get working SqlSetParameter function? (look at
my post "Oracle LOB" in conectivity forum)

Denys Motornyy

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