Handling of PTFs

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Roman Moser

Handling of PTFs

Post by Roman Moser » 05 Oct 2005, 14:43

 Posted by:  Roman Moser 

We have a running system with TD 3.1 PTF1.
At the end of testing the new Version we ran in a serious error. The error
dont appear, if we use the Deployment of PTF4.

Now we have to make 2 decisions:
- take the binary (built with PTF1) and use the deployment of PTF4 or
recompile the binary with PTF4 (with PTF4 deployment)
- how much testing

Please tell me your opinions.


Jeff Luther
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Re: Handling of PTFs

Post by Jeff Luther » 05 Oct 2005, 16:46

 Posted by:  Jeff Luther 

You don't say how much work is involved, but I would:
"use the deployment of PTF4 [AND] recompile the binary with PTF4
(with PTF4 deployment) [AND TEST]"

if it were my decision. That is unless you can be confident that your
testing your PTF1 compiles with the later revision show no bugs or
problems. And if you do recompile, be sure (just to be certain) that all
APPs and APLs are in text format and that you recompile all of them.

PTFs--at least it used to be this way at Gupta--are not supposed to
change anything in the binary of the file (same with minor revisions,
like x.1, x.2, etc.), so you 'should' be ok. But... I would still
suggest you recompile everything, just to be sure.

Best Regards,
Jeff Luther/PC Design

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