Flat toolbar buttons in TD2005.1

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Flat toolbar buttons in TD2005.1

Post by RainerE » 14 Sep 2005, 17:54

 Posted by:  Rainer Ebert 

I've installed TD 2005.1 on a test PC (and went through the pain of first
installing TD2.1, shouldn't the installation CD of this old version in the
CD-drive be enough to install the update to TD 2005.1?). And I've set the
button style of a toolbar button to flat. Everything looks ok, if the mouse
is not over the button and still if the mouse is over the button (flat
3d-frame is displayed). But if I click the button and do not release the
mouse button (hold the mouse button down over the pushbutton), the design of
the button is horrible! It becomes a black non 3d frame all around. And the
picture is moved out of the button and overlapps this black frame. Shouldn't
the pressed button have an inverted flat 3d-frame as the buttons of TD4.1
itsself have?


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